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Thinly sliced dorade with passionfruit, smoked eel, anchovies and a yoghurt vinaigrette with nigella seed.
Crispy roasted langoustine with compote of onion and sweet potato, roasted corn and riesling vinaigrette.
“Tagliatelle” of cuttlefish with red gurnard, roasted sunflower seeds, salty vegetables and puffed bacon.
Roasted brill fillet with parsley root, roasted leeks, airy cream with sea urchin and sauce with miso.
Beef bavette roasted with celeriac, candied shallot, mushrooms and gravy with piccalily.
Crispy fried sweetbreads and veal loin with palm heart, pumpkin and a gravy with “poivre long”.
Dessert of raspberry, salted honey, crispy chicken skin and dark chocolate
Dessert of apple & coconut with a namelaka of green tea and merengue of magnolia


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